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Baldi In The Dream World 1.35.69 APK

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    Mar 30 2023

Baldi In The Dream World

Just another day traveling to baldi head to find cure for coma baldi in the dream world just, let's do that! You have just entered the portal to coma baldi dream. An evil person has followed you in baldi head and that must be the monster evil joe! He want to kill baldi permanently by using baldi coma as the trigger. Also the doctor said that for helping baldi from his coma we must enter baldi coma head and mind to find baldi things before the evil joe destroy it and makes baldi in coma and never come back.
To get baldi coma out of his dream world you must go to baldi in dream world and get 7 of baldi things and escape through the portal to get out of baldi mind to win the game. Sounds easy but hey, there is always a problem, you must save coma baldi chapter 2 in the dream world from misterious evil joe from destroying baldi things. If you lose, he will destroy coma baldi mind's and take over baldi head and baldi will never get out from his coma.
In this coma baldi chapter 2 in the dream world mod sequel and the final chapter of it, it is your last attemp to save baldi from baldi coma death. When you arrive, playtime and bully is following you too. The principal, arts and crafters, filename2 and first prize already there to support you too in finding 7 baldi things.
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