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    May 26 2020

Careem Bus

Need a bus at your convenience? Careem Bus is Egypt’s newest bus transport app for reliable and affordable rides. Forget about traffic, parking or expensive taxis, Careem Bus will get you where you need to be, every day.Riding with us gets you all the benefits of taking a bus with the ease of booking on demand. Simply request a Careem Bus with a tap of a button and track your bus as it arrives at your pick-up stop. The check-in process is super easy! Once you get your boarding pass and get on the bus, simply pay with cash. And the rates are fixed so you always know what you will pay. The Careem Bus app is simple to use and it’s more comfy and convenient than your typical bus ride.This is no ordinary bus transportation service. With Careem Bus, you get a high-quality ride that keeps you cool with AC and relaxed with comfortable seats. Our world-class customer service makes sure that every ride is safe with more in-ride services than you can imagine.For your daily transportation needs, download Careem Bus to start your awesome journey now!Bus Transportation Made Easy• Download Careem Bus, sign up, open the app and request a bus. It’s that simple!• No more worrying about complex bus timetables, Careem Bus is an On Demand service.• You can track your Careem Captain as they arrive at your pick-up stop.• Checking in is fast with a boarding pass and you can pay with cash too.Saving You Money Every Day• Careem Bus rates are fixed, so you always know what you will pay and can plan ahead. • Perfect for your daily transport needs, our Cairo buses are 60-75% cheaper than cars.Premium Bus Experience• Not your average public transportation: Careem Bus brings you the quality you deserve with top-notch customer service. • With AC to cool you off the moment you board and comfortable seats, you can catch up on work, read, relax or take a nap.• Our bus service provides you peace of mind with liability insurance.Catch a bus in Cairo with Careem Bus instead of getting stuck in traffic. When you need the convenient, affordable and comfortable option, choose us through Careem Bus.Follow our social media accounts and never miss out on amazing offers!Facebook: you’re facing any issues with the app or have suggestions, email us at [email protected] Careem Bus today!Yalla let’s go!
Careem Bus 歷史版本
Careem Bus 2.6.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.6.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-05-26

下載APK (21.51 MB)

Careem Bus 2.6.0 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.6.0 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-05-02

下載APK (21.24 MB)

Careem Bus 2.5.5 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.5.5 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-04-25

下載APK (21.23 MB)

Careem Bus 2.5.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.5.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-04-13

下載APK (11.51 MB)

Careem Bus 2.3.8 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.3.8 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-03-17

下載APK (11.5 MB)

Careem Bus 2.3.6 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.3.6 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-03-02

下載APK (11.5 MB)

Careem Bus 2.3.5 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.3.5 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-02-01

下載APK (11.27 MB)

Careem Bus 2.3.4 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.3.4 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-01-22

下載APK (11.2 MB)

Careem Bus 2.3.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.3.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-01-18

下載APK (11.2 MB)

Careem Bus 2.3.2 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.3.2 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-01-03

下載APK (11.19 MB)

Careem Bus 2.1.5 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.1.5 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-08-14

下載APK (9.8 MB)

Careem Bus 2.1.4 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.1.4 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-07-31

下載APK (9.8 MB)

Careem Bus 2.1.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.1.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-07-25

下載APK (9.8 MB)

Careem Bus 2.0.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.0.3 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-07-23

下載APK (9.68 MB)

Careem Bus 1.2.6 for Android 4.1及更高版本 下載

Version : 1.2.6 for Android 4.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-05-20

下載APK (8.04 MB)

Careem Bus 1.2.5 for Android 4.1及更高版本 下載

Version : 1.2.5 for Android 4.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-05-18

下載APK (8.04 MB)

Careem Bus 1.1.7 for Android 4.1及更高版本 下載

Version : 1.1.7 for Android 4.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-01-29

下載APK (6.25 MB)

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