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    Rollic Games

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    Dec 07 2023

Coffee Stack

Who doesn't start a day without a cup of coffee? Coffee Stack is a cup stacking game with runner Coffee Shop elements for extra fun! In this fantastic cup of coffee, you have a chance to collect all the stacks and pack coffee, fill them in different flavors, stack them and sell them to customers and earn cash rewards.Start with a coffee cup & Collect coffee cups stack them in a long queue. Upgrade your line to turn your coffees into delicious drinks, sweet cappuccinos, lattes, and frappuccinos! Add the beautiful sleeves, put on cute lids, and voila! You have an art piece of coffee cups! Gameplay• 3D Cup Stack Game with coffee themes.• Fun cup game where kids learn to serve and make coffee.• Choose your favorite barista hand and learn how to make the best drinks.• Easy to use stacking controls for kids to play.• Make hot or cold, tasty drinks for customers on your runway cafe.• Upgrade your cups of coffee; try not to give them for free!More Features• Design and upgrade your COFFEE SHOP! • Decorate your Coffee Shop as in your caffeine stimulated dreams, improve your coffee corp and turn it into an empire as you earn money!If you like coffee games, you will love this game! What are you waiting for? Open your shop, and invite in your first customers!Recommended to users who are 13 years and over.
Coffee Stack 歷史版本
Coffee Stack 25.0.1 for Android 5.1及更高版本 下載

Version : 25.0.1 for Android 5.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2023-11-27

下載APK (167.72 MB)

Coffee Stack 24.0.2 for Android 5.1及更高版本 下載

Version : 24.0.2 for Android 5.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2023-11-20

下載APK (175.97 MB)

Coffee Stack 24.0.0 for Android 5.1及更高版本 下載

Version : 24.0.0 for Android 5.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2023-11-04

下載APK (127.79 MB)

Coffee Stack 17.6.10 for Android 5.1及更高版本 下載

Version : 17.6.10 for Android 5.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2023-09-13

下載APK (171.76 MB)

Coffee Stack 17.6.9 for Android 5.1及更高版本 下載

Version : 17.6.9 for Android 5.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2023-09-07

下載APK (124.16 MB)

Coffee Stack 17.1.2 for Android 5.1及更高版本 下載

Version : 17.1.2 for Android 5.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2023-07-13

下載APK (160.79 MB)

Coffee Stack 13.0.0 for Android 6.0及更高版本 下載

Version : 13.0.0 for Android 6.0及更高版本

更新日期 : 2023-03-03

下載APK (168.19 MB)