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    Sep 07 2023

Pokemon : Ultra Star

Note: The full installation package is almost 500MB, and download under a good WiFi connection environment is highly recommended! Pokémon : Ultra Star takes place in a whole new region, which is made up of 2 main towns. The maps are teeming with Pokémon, including all pokemons from the older versions as well as some Alolan variants of familiar Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Kanto region. During your adventure, you’ll have multiple run-ins with the troublesome Team Rocket, encounter the elusive guardian deities, and unravel a plot surrounding the mysterious Aether Foundation. There’s nothing like a cross server battle with other players! 〖Game Features〗 ⭕ Amazing gameplays with plenty of pokemons will bring you new experience of pokemon game, go to multiplayer cross server battle and test your strategies! ⭕ ALL pokemons from old version with new skills, effects & abilities, come on, start your brain storm and build your unique team! ⭕ New fashion for every trainer, you can become gym leaders, elite four or even Ms. Joy. All the fashions have stat boosts on your pokemons which will greatly increase your power. ⭕ Gorgeous skill effects with amazing sound effects brings you the real experience of pokemon battle.
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Pokemon : Ultra Star 2.7.0 for Android 2.2及更高版本 下載

Version : 2.7.0 for Android 2.2及更高版本

更新日期 : 2018-10-19

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