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Sky Factory Mobile starts you high in the sky with nothing but a tree and a single piece of dirt between you and a horrible fall to your doom! Inspired by Sky Block and Sky Factory, enjoy a 2D voxel-based world, where you start with a tree and a single block of dirt and expand to build advanced factories, automated machines and generators!Now with 500+ Recipes and Items!Want to express your creative side and build without the limitations of survival, then our new Creative Mode is for you! Creative Mode offers you the ability to fly around your world, be invulnerable and gives you access to EVERY item with a few simple clicks.FEATURES:-FarmingGrow and harvest your own crops for food-Crafting:Using a workbench create new and more advanced items -Base building:Use various blocks to build the ultimate base -Survival elements:Almost all actions use hunger, get too low and you will die -Tool durability:Each time you use an item its durability will drop if this reaches zero the tool will break -Machines:Use a barrel to compost new dirt and use a furnace to create new items -Day night cycle:Enemies will spawn at night and burn in the day Weather systems:Currently limited to varying strengths of rain, use a barrel to collect some -Dynamic lighting system:Use torches to light dark spaces and stop enemies spawning there or create a battle area by blocking out the light -Dynamic fluid system:Water and lava flows and merges -Basic enemy -Inventory management:Drag and drop inventory with stack splitting, chests to store items -Electronic machinery:Use the hand-cranked generator, the solid fuel generator or a solar panel to create power, this can be transferred via cables and batteries to power many machines -Item transportation:Hoppers and Item Pipes can be used in combination with a wrench to set up automatic item movement between chests and machines. -Automation (No more hand sifting gravel):With the combination of electronic machines and electronic machinery setup small factories to automate many of the basic tasks in the game -Multiple layer system:Select from 5 layers to place blocks and interact with machines, use the layer tools to help you see what's going on with the combination of colour coded dots for each layer and transparency to help you see what's on the layer you have selected, cables pipes and hoppers will work across layers.
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Version : 0.70 for Android 4.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-10-13

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